New York to Madrid

from by Unaware Wolf

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The Queen of Spain, I can't recall her name.
Is it Isabella or Mary Jane?
Said here's a boat look for new found land,
while I was pulling the oars she flew by in a plane
and said, "Gosh, I like the way you navigate
by looking at the stars.
Meet me in the new world, I'll buy you a drink
we'll talk for hours in your car."

So take me from New York to old Madrid.
In an auction hall full of millionaires
I was dumb enough to place a bid.
In a pool full of whales and sharks
I sank like a squid.
I was totally exposed,
burned then I froze
but there was something I kept hidden.
Do you want to see it?

It's a drag to be this down,
but I know I'll try to get up again.
There was something that you took from me
when I wasn't paying attention.
But even if you tried to give it back
I don't think that you can.
Now I'll reach the end of my line
with one thing less than when I began.

Because I've got something you can never have.
I've got something you can't take away.
And I'm keeping it hidden inside my head,
in a place you would never think to look.


from Aftermath, released December 23, 2012



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Unaware Wolf

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