by Unaware Wolf

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This album will be available for free indefinitely . All we ask is that you "like" our page on Facebook or follow us on Twitter (@unawarewolf). Thank you everybody, and we hope you enjoy the music!

Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by "Delicate" Steve Marion at Delicate Studios.

Album art by Paul Motisi.

All songs written, arranged and performed by Unaware Wolf.

Unaware Wolf is:
Fran Berkman - Vocals, Guitar
Patrick Block - Bass, Synth, Percussion
Sean Block - Drums
Lauren Diehlmann - Vocals, Ukulele
Michelle Femminella -Vocals, Tambourine
Nick Lee - Lead Guitar
Paul Motisi - Keyboard

Thomas Moran assisted in writing "Secrets."

Header image courtesy of daryl_mitchell/Flickr


released December 23, 2012



all rights reserved


Unaware Wolf

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Track Name: Ruby Rhodes Took the Path
The day that I'm finally tracked down by disease,
I won't go quietly.
I'll wrap my arms around your knees
and hold on.

If tragedy catches up with me
before my last blood is bled,
I hope that the last place that I visit
is the space between
your chest, your arms and our bed.

Ruby Rhodes you have a lovely granddaughter.
And though I haven't seen her in a long time,
I hope that I'll see her again.
Track Name: To the Aftermath (Hurdy Gurdy Song)
In a kingdom by the sea, oh in a kingdom by the sea,
That's where I'll be.
I'll be waiting;
And it's you I'm hoping to see.

I'll be playing hurdy gurdy, I'll be playing hurdy gurdy.
That's what I'll do.
I'll write a symphony
on hurdy gurdy while I'm waiting for you.

And when the bagpipes sound
in the hollows of that land
and your ship arrives,
draped in rosary and daisy chain,
your skin folded again and again-
again and again-
I'll lay by your side.
Track Name: Diamond Disease
I took a rubicond vessel across the emerald sea.
I was dying of a diamond disease.
There's only one doctor in the world who will see me.
I was dying of a diamond disease.
She never asked to see my medical ID.
She knew just what was afflicting me.
When my mouth went dry, I filled it with whiskey-
all the other doctors pushing vitamin C.

So can you take something off me
with your laser beam?
Can you take something off of me
with your laser beam?
Can you take something off of
my alabaster skin?
Can you take something off me
with your ray gun?
Can you take something off me
with your plasma cannon?
Chemotherapy for my silver liver...

My favorite finger grasping for the straws at your core
I can't remember the things I used to remember before.
I'm saying what I'm saying, but I'm thinking much more.
I can't form a sentence on account of your countenance.
Your eyes well with whiskey as you reach for my keys.
I'm dying of a diamond disease.
Track Name: The Time Traveler
If you slip back in time through a worm hole,
try not to crack Adam's and Eve's skulls.
And if you slip back in time through a worm hold,
try not to split Noah's Ark's hull.

Because I always want to pay you a visit.
(But you never want to do it in earnest.)
And I always want to make you feel pleasure.
(But you never want to honor my requests.)

If you warp the future and find that you've learned to dance at last,
try not to rue your previous artlessness.
And if you warp to the future in a time machine,
don't hold the past against my future self treat me with courtesy, please!

Because it all unraveled,
I became a time traveler, baby.
I'm a time traveler, baby.
Track Name: Test Tube, Baby
For as long as I can recall
I've been here in this place.
Spinning my wheel so fast,
you would have thought that I'm winning a race.
But I'm not anywhere near,
anywhere but right here.
Poisoning by blood with the air;
I've been poisoning my hair
with that toxic air.

I eat so many chemicals a day,
I have to be a test tube, baby.

Couldn't help but to notice you
noticing me.
And I was hoping you were hoping
I would talk to you
like I was hoping to talk to you too.
I'm sure not sure what to say.
Perhaps you could give me a sign?
Blink once if you'd like to kiss me,
and if you don't blink another time
I'll know.
Track Name: The Land
Do you think a premise could persist
in a land where plot lines don't exist?
Does art mirror life
or does it mock it shaking a fist?

In the land of the unicorns,
any creature with two horns could be the king.
When I pricked my thumb on a thorn,
the land turned red as the blood started pouring
out my wings.

I had a secret meeting with a twig,
but the land shook and it got to big
to break or bend.
Now I feel I'm climbing up a tree
for a visit or a chance to see
my old friend.
Track Name: New York to Madrid
The Queen of Spain, I can't recall her name.
Is it Isabella or Mary Jane?
Said here's a boat look for new found land,
while I was pulling the oars she flew by in a plane
and said, "Gosh, I like the way you navigate
by looking at the stars.
Meet me in the new world, I'll buy you a drink
we'll talk for hours in your car."

So take me from New York to old Madrid.
In an auction hall full of millionaires
I was dumb enough to place a bid.
In a pool full of whales and sharks
I sank like a squid.
I was totally exposed,
burned then I froze
but there was something I kept hidden.
Do you want to see it?

It's a drag to be this down,
but I know I'll try to get up again.
There was something that you took from me
when I wasn't paying attention.
But even if you tried to give it back
I don't think that you can.
Now I'll reach the end of my line
with one thing less than when I began.

Because I've got something you can never have.
I've got something you can't take away.
And I'm keeping it hidden inside my head,
in a place you would never think to look.
Track Name: Secrets
The rain on the panes of my window,
beats 100 times as fast as my pulse.
And I've never known myself to get so low.
But this emptiness that makes my skin convulse
is because my love was delayed due to the rain
and it may never start again.

The rain on the panes of my ceiling
drips to the promontory below.
And the secrets those drops are concealing
are for some supposed god to know.
And I think you're keeping secrets from me;
I'm keeping a secret from you.